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FEAR kent 2 mogelijke reacties
24 april 2018
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24 september 2018

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Every morning when I wake up I can notice the sun from behind my curtain. I don’t smile at it. I don’t greet it. The sun is just a giant star lighting our day, making place for the moon that shines at the night to guide the path of those that are lost and willing to be found. People don’t open their eyes to see them they just look down upon the world that is hurting but they forget that there are people. Yes, the world dies. Every living thing must die at some point, but most die too soon to see the wonders and kindness of the place they live in. In 6 years the world that we know might not even be here. We might’ve moved to mars or we are floating around the stars. It’s funny how one can think so far ahead certain that the future is set. But I don’t think so. The world can- has to change. And for that we must change. Humans are mind-set beings, they don’t like change or improvement. Some believe in Christ, others in Allah. Not me, I believe in everything and I can agree that anything is possible as long as you can dream it and as long as you’re willing to fight for it.

Humans are greedy, selfish, angry and sad. Humans are unkind and discriminating. Humans are hating, hurting and above all people. Humans are not perfect, but that’s fine. We we’re made to improve. We we’re created to be a imperfect race. We are Mankind that loves and lives after tragedy. We are the people that hold together the world from falling apart. Sure, we killed it, but we are not moving anywhere else in the universe. This is our home, our only home. This is our past, our future, our present time. And time and time again, we loved, we fought and thought of the deaths that hurt others. And we still do, we still think, we still evolve, we still love. It’s what makes us perfect. It’s what makes us human.

My head. It’s a confusing piece of work. I think of anything and everything. I switch from one topic to another. I don’t guess because I’d guess wrong. Confusing sentence, I know, it’s my job. I’ve killed my head with thoughts that one shouldn’t think of. Sort of. I keep most things to myself because that’s my way to think. Back to thinking, I guess. Once upon a time I wrote a paragraph about a girl in a black cage above the memories of the pain that she went through. The girl in the scene didn’t flinch. She didn’t feel human. She felt like an object being controlled by those around her. She wasn’t voiceless, but then again, she was. She didn’t speak, keeping the things locked up while everything slowly became hurting like stars across the skies on a sunny day. She had hope that she’d live but her mind took over letting her believe she was a shell in the world of the joyful. But she looked around her and saw nothing but misery from others. She was in luck that she had been stripped of everything that she had because she didn’t have anything to lose then. She was wrong, as she lost her hope when she lost her mind.

As can be seen, I can’t stay on topic, ever. My head switches thoughts and that ^ is the result of it. A confusing piece of work that is meant to be a blog about how I think. Well… I think. Like any other person, just a lot more.